Portraitfotografie Bad Zwischenahn

Outdoor portraits

Still working my way into outdoor portrait photography. These are images of my 3rd shooting. K. booked my first paid shooting package.
One lesson I already learned. Equipment and technical skills are success factors. But the major factor is to convert uncertainty into confidence on both sides of the camera.
We spent over 2 hours in the castle garden in Oldenburg. I got the permission to use the „Tea Pavilion“ for the shoot. You can only access this old piece of architecture with the permission of the garden administration.
In the end we both were happy. K. with the results and I was happy to meet the expectations of my first „client“.

My new homepage is now live. If you like to check out more details about my portrait photography services please follow this link: reinholdstaden.com/portraits

Happy days, Reinhold

First portrait shoot: Virginia

My (our) first portrait shoot ever. This time our story was “HAIR”. What an experience. We had so much fun during our first session. And we had no ideal conditions. Outdoor, in bright sunlight… using the Fuji X100F in ACROS mode. But at the end of our session we had 20 images for a new portfolio. We have already planned another project in 3 weeks. This time the theme will be “WIND”.  Autumn in North Germany is the ideal spot for that theme. Looking forward to that. Bye for now and happy days. Reinhold

Where the streets have a name…


A few years ago I was into street photography and black and white post processing.


I did not like to shoot people directly into their view and faces.
There was a line which I never crossed.
I always tried to find a different and the “appropriate” angle.
Still… I was never very comfortable with this type of photography.
But I liked the results and that was the reason why I continued doing this for quiet a while.


Here a few samples of my way of street art and photography.

Street Art and Photography by Reinhold Staden
Please use my hat



Street Art and Photography by Reinhold Staden
Show us the way



Street Art and Photography by Reinhold Staden
They were here a moment ago



Street Art and Photography by Reinhold Staden
I am tired and hungry