Virtual walk with Boomer

Would you be interested in me filming and commenting one of my walks round the lake with Boomer? Would not be perfect. I am not a film maker, vlogger. But may be it brings some fun, sun and distraction into our isolation. Let me know in the comments below. Happy days. Reinhold


Back to the moor. What a fantastic feeling. The extremely hot and dry summer has created new interesting scenes. The water level is 1 to 1.5 m under the usual level. The coming autumn and winter will fill up these moorlakes quickly. Hopefully!
Happy days. Reinhold

In Time

18:50. Just finished a light dinner. Looking out of the window, there was fantastic light in the sky. A stunning sunset was on it’s way. Sunset was expected to be at 19:15. 30 minutes to go (drive). I picked up my gear and tripod and jumped into the car, heading for the nearby lake (10-15 minutes drive). I arrived at 19:05 at the parking lot by the lake. I rushed to the platform (new location) at the sailing boat club and set up my stuff. Tripod, adapter, Fuji X-T1, lens adapter, filter holder, big stopper + ND grad, cable release. Looked for the optimal focus point, f11, bulb mode. By then it was 19:15. More clouds showed up during this time. Ready for the first 90 sec. exposure. Too dark. Next one. 120 sec. Still too dark. 240 sec. Looked ok on the small screen of the X-T1. Turned the camera from right to left. Other composition. Where is the focus point? Ahhh, found it. Next shot. 300 sec. Too dark. Next one. 360 sec. Looked ok. It is over. No light left. 5 images. Lesson learned. Be in time. I forgot to change the aperture from 11 to 8 to 5.6 rather than enhancing the time. Next time I will be prepared, focused and in time.

Hope you still enjoy the last minute images. Have a nice weekend.

Smiles. Reinhold

RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography - In Time

RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography - In Time


Rhododendronpark Bruns – Fuji XF14mm 2.8 Quick Test

There was a small window of “no rain” yesterday. I drove to the Rhododendronpark Bruns a few miles away and shot 6 test images with my new Fujinon XF14mm 2.8 lens. Easy to handle, Lee Seven 5 filter holder fits beautiful (no vignetting) and the results look promising. In my opinion! No fancy compositions, just test shots. What do you think? And… I promise… next post will be back to normal. No more excitement about a new lens. 🙂

Shoot ‘N Go … Adventures in Photography

This is my short introduction of Angela’s photography blog.




and landscapes…

a variety of subject areas… but all of them with her special handwriting. It is next to impossible to pick my favorite example of her work. Too many excellent photographs are waiting for you to check them out on your own.

We share likes and comments for quite a while now and did one post processing job together. No A/B challenge. Just a one to one exchange of her awesome image and my personal way of post-processing it. That was fun! Here is the result:


The “making of” is documented in this PDF file.


Smiles. Reinhold