Weekly Photo Challenge: Award

Our biggest AWARD in 2014 was our journey through Great Britain. Nearly 10.000 miles with our caravan and Nissan X-Trail. 3 and a half-month of freedom, spectacular landscapes and interesting people.


Our favorite part of GB. We covered the whole south-west coast. Also the narrow, single track lanes in Devon. Driving with a 6,50 m long caravan around the streets of Modbury was a challenge in itself. But the hills of Modbury in the late afternoon on our way to the local pub made everything more than up.

Hills in Modbury, Devon / England
Hills in Modbury, Devon / England


The north of Scotland was the return point of our journey. After 2 months and many stops in this wild, green and cold 🙂 part of GB, we had to turn our caravan into the south direction, still 1,5 months in our time budget. We spent 10 days in Glencoe and had many sunsets like this one.  If you sit in front of your caravan, a bootle of wine and good food… who can expect more?

Sunset in Glencoe / Scotland by Reinhold Staden
Sunset in Glencoe / Scotland


On our way back through England we managed to make a stop in Wales. We explored a few locations before we continued our way back to England and finally back to Germany.  In New Quay we were very impressed by the colorful houses near the harbour.


Colorful houses in New Quay / Wales by Reinhold Staden
Colorful houses in New Quay / Wales


What an AWARD and what a journey. If you like to read more about our journey and if you want to look at hundred of photos, check out our travel blog at wordpress.com: Daheim ist unterwegs . The blog is in German, but many posts just contain photos of our visited locations.


In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Reward.”