Too Many Alternatives

RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography - Too Many Alternatives
Too Many Alternatives


Whenever I think of a composition
but can’t think of what I saw,
I can’t stop thinking until I think
I am thinking of it again.
I think I think to much.
I think I should make a decision.
But there are so (too) many alternatives.

Photography and post processing with iPhone and iPad

The iProject – photography and post processing with iPhone and iPad

Today’s iPhone Picture

Camera App of iPhone (not ProCamera as planned)
Standard adjustments in Lightroom 5

The photo shows Wells cathedral.


Wells Cathedral
Wells Cathedral


Today’s retouched iPhone photo using Photo fx Ultra on my iPad mini

Crop to Panorama
Added Light on the top left side
Added Halo
Added Black & White Look – Antigue

I like Photo fx Ultra, but it is not free to use. But 5 € is a reasonable price.

The photo shows the Royal Pavilion in Brighton, England.


Royal Pavilion in Brighton
Royal Pavilion in Brighton


Cu next week!