Urban Abstracts: Guess the word!

RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography - Urban Abstracts
RSP – Reinhold Staden Photography – Urban Abstracts

This is an abstract created from a colorful ad sign in Berlin. For those of you who live in Berlin or have visited Berlin it is easier. The word has something to do with inspiration, creativity, … Happy days. Reinhold

Bronze Trees

RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography - Bronze Tress
Develop my personal style
Image 6/20 – Do you know this feeling? An awesome tree or a group of trees. And no way to isolate it from the green and dark background? This is always the case in the North of Germany. We have no hills and no trees on top of these hills to ease object separation. I captured this group several times. A few days ago I decided to correct this in Photoshop. It looks a bit “abstract”… but I like it.

This image is part of my series: Develop my personal style

The first 5 images are already published. If you are interested… please visit my blog. Thanks in advance!

Mobile Portfolio

There is nothing like a “printed” image. This is my “printed mobile portfolio”. 15 curated images (max box capacity 30 sheets) printed on Hahnenmühle 285 g (4.0 x 5.9″ / 10 x 15 cm) pearl finish, bright white paper in a metal box, all with my signature and numbered x/100. Printed in my studio with my own printer. It comes handy when people ask me about my portfolio. I take out my portfolio box and show it to them. And guess what. They are not randomly cropped. 🙂

Portfolio - RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography
The “Box”
Portfolio - RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography
A pencil as a measure of scale
Portfolio - RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography
Inside of the box
Portfolio - RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography
Curated images, signed, numbered, printed with highest quality

In 2017 I will start producing these boxes with special content: National Park Wadden Sea, Moorlands, Woodlands, Long Exposures, B+W. It is an expensive production process and very time consuming. Not sure what price tag I should use. I will sell them in the Internet but mainly in selected stores nearby. Have a nice weekend. Smiles. Reinhold

Shoot ‘N Go … Adventures in Photography

This is my short introduction of Angela’s photography blog.




and landscapes…

a variety of subject areas… but all of them with her special handwriting. It is next to impossible to pick my favorite example of her work. Too many excellent photographs are waiting for you to check them out on your own.

We share likes and comments for quite a while now and did one post processing job together. No A/B challenge. Just a one to one exchange of her awesome image and my personal way of post-processing it. That was fun! Here is the result:


The “making of” is documented in this PDF file.


Smiles. Reinhold