RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography - XMAS 2017
Happy XMAS

I wish you a peaceful, happy and silent time. Thank you for all your motivating comments, all your likes and the continuous support. I am looking forward to more “blogging” in 2018. Happy days and smiles. Reinhold


Fintlandsmoor… and a lot of wet snow

I left home 1 hour before sunrise. It was still raining and most of the snow turned into wet, heavy snow. I wasn’t sure if I could make an image out of this. But I decided to go on and drove 5 minutes to my planned location. My journey ended in front of a fallen tree. No access by car. I had to walk for 1 mile through the moor to the moor lakes. It is a challenge in dry conditions. But I know this area and it was a save walk. I was hoping to get at least one decent image.

iPhone images:

At the moor lake the weather actually decided to get worse. I spent another hour and tried to get my image of the day. In the end I took 4 images, packed my stuff and left to get a decent breakfast and a nice, hot cup of tea. On my short way home I decided that everyday out in nature is a good day. Happy days. Reinhold

Fuji X-T1 images:

RSP – Reinhold Staden Photography
RSP – Reinhold Staden Photography
RSP – Reinhold Staden Photography
RSP – Reinhold Staden Photography

Winter’s Moor

Winter has arrived. First snow in the Dänikhorster Moor. It is usually a very quiet place. The snow has further reduced the sounds of animals and birds. I only heard the barking of a fox in the distance. Hopefully the snow will stay until tomorrow morning. I am planning to visit the Fintlandsmoor and the moor lakes to capture some snowy wetlands early in the morning. Fingers crossed! Happy days. Reinhold


We had terrible weather. For weeks and weeks. Basically no autumn. Mostly cloudy and rainy. I decided to take a walk in the moor nearby. May be the wetlands have changed due to the increased water level. I was quiet early. It was pitch black when I arrived there. No sound. I looked towards the sunrise and suddenly some of the clouds moved away. I set up my tripod, mounted my camera and opened my rucksack for the filter holder and filters. And then I watched the evolution of the sunrise.
Mother nature is just awesome. On my way to the moor I heard the news in the radio. I thought the world is going down the tubes. But this sunrise convinced me. There is a greater power here on earth. And it has so much force. The force of quietness and beauty.
May this force be with you. Happy days. Reinhold


The National Park Wadden Sea

RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography - Fence into the sea
RSP – Reinhold Staden Photography – Fence into the sea

World Heritage and National Park. The coastline of North Germany. Wadden Sea or Wattenmeer. No big waves, a flat coastline, no rocks… but open space. As a photographer you always look for some interest in the foreground. So I am happy to find something like a fence. A fence into the sea? Now you have to know some additional facts to understand this. At our coastline, we have separate beaches for people with dogs and with no dogs. Sometimes the beaches are separated by a fence. Because of the flat coast line it would be easy to walk around the fence. And here is the solution. The fence is built into the sea. That makes it difficult to walk around the fence without getting your feet wet.
No… we have no other problems over here.
Hope you will still enjoy my image.
It is a long exposure using a LEE big stopper and a ND hard grad (0.6 / 2 stops) filter.

PS: I posted a similar image a while ago in color.

Happy days,

Dancing into the light

RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography - Serene

Today my Vodafone GigaCube arrived. Insert SIM Card, connect it to a plug (by the way anywhere in Germany), wait for the signal and enter the WiFi key. Online. Using the high speed mobile telephone network. Fortunately one of the transmitter stations of Vodafone is just round the corner. So I get a pretty strong signal and a fast internet access. Even in this remote location. I have to see how long the included data volume will last. 50 GB / per month is not really crazy. But if I use it in a sensible manner… it can be sufficient. We will see. And if work is down the line, I can buy additional data packages if this is really necessary. But for now I am happy to be back in the game.
Will post new stuff soon.

By the way: my iPhone is up and running too. Another 1.25 GB of mobile data volume.

Germany is really a „technology country“. <— Joke!!!!!!!!

Happy days.

Dancing in the dark

RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography - Dancing in the dark
RSP – Reinhold Staden Photography – Dancing in the dark

Hi there… I am still dancing in the dark. I follow this little nature star to guide me through the incompetence of international telecom companies. So far I had no Internet. Now I have no phone either. The switch from Telekom to Vodafone did not work as expected. No it will take another 3 days to sent a replacement card. For this post I use the hotspot of my favorite wine bar at the lake. It is a lot easier to deal with all of that drinking a glass of red wine. Cheers! Happy days. Reinhold


RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography - Returning
RSP – Reinhold Staden Photography – Returning

Returning slowly back to normality? Days and weeks have past. Busy days. We moved to our local lake. Our new apartment is very close to the lake. 400 m walking distance. I can check the weather conditions and need 5 minutes to be up and running for sunrise, sunset or fog. Pretty cool. The downside of such a remote location: internet and mobile phone. Currently I am using my iPhone. The current provider is not supporting this area. So I am switching to a different provider. 4G / LTE support will be available on Thursday next week. Internet in an acceptable speed is only available via LTE (mobile). The new provider supports a GIGA CUBE which needs a plug only. It provides 4 times faster access than the cable version which is pretty bad. But (as usual) there is another restriction. The CUBE has a traffic limit of 50 GB / month. I used 35 – 45 GB over the last months. So it should be ok. But no streaming activities recommended. I am enjoying this quiet, remote spot and can’t wait for snow, fog and sunrise / sunset. If you read this post I was able to upload the image and text via the iPhone.

Happy days and smiles.


Is this post about a novel of the events in the life of a young girl in her grandfather’s care in the Swiss alps? Or is it about a talented female photographer who just received a well deserved nomination for “the mystery blogger award”?
It is about Heidi the blogger of Nahaufnahme / HeiBoPhoto. Congratulations for this nomination and thank you for your awesome recommendation and for respecting my “award free blog”.
Her blog is about photography and awareness. For nature, for people. Her talent covers a variety of subject areas in photography. I personally like the way she “works” with people. An area which I always wanted to master myself. But I will stick to landscapes. At least for this year. Take a closer look and see if you get inspired by her outstanding work.

Happy days. Reinhold


And this one is for you Heidi:

RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography - Light in the Dark
RSP – Reinhold Staden Photography – Light in the Dark



Silver Birch

RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography - Silver Birch
RSP – Reinhold Staden Photography – Silver Birch

Silver birches in the Dänikhorster Moor. A nature resort close to my home. Intimate landscapes. No sound. No other people. Just me and my camera. I always enjoy these quite moments.