Moorland – Episode 1

RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography - WoodlandRSP - Reinhold Staden Photography - Moorland

During my workshops and tours we also touch pano shoots. Obviously not an easy exercise. We often have trees and bushes in our composition and the ground is pretty unstable, often wet and muddy. I have created a series of “5” (tips) cards (also for my own memory) which I carry with me and which I handout to the members of my party. May be they could be useful for you as well. Best printed in 4×6” format using your local printer and stored in your camera bag. Happy days. Reinhold

RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography - Workflow

Sharing some insights

The making of Bridge in Amsterdam

I processed the underlying image in Lightroom CC
Converted it into black and white
Used dodge and burn to create more contrast
Afterwards edited it in Photoshop CC
Used the oil paint filter once
And … after leaving my playground…

Happy days!


My Creative Space

RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography - Creative Space
RSP – Reinhold Staden Photography – Creative Space

In 2018 I would like to write about my workflow / my creative space. All of my camera gear and technical equipment is displayed above.  The top 3 items are: glasses, tea and orange juice. First subject will be: my WACOM tablet. Why and how I use it, why it broke and how I fixed it. Happy days. Reinhold

Dancing into the light

RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography - Serene

Today my Vodafone GigaCube arrived. Insert SIM Card, connect it to a plug (by the way anywhere in Germany), wait for the signal and enter the WiFi key. Online. Using the high speed mobile telephone network. Fortunately one of the transmitter stations of Vodafone is just round the corner. So I get a pretty strong signal and a fast internet access. Even in this remote location. I have to see how long the included data volume will last. 50 GB / per month is not really crazy. But if I use it in a sensible manner… it can be sufficient. We will see. And if work is down the line, I can buy additional data packages if this is really necessary. But for now I am happy to be back in the game.
Will post new stuff soon.

By the way: my iPhone is up and running too. Another 1.25 GB of mobile data volume.

Germany is really a „technology country“. <— Joke!!!!!!!!

Happy days.


Today is the 6th anniversary of my Fuji X-100. I used it for everything: street photography, landscape, architecture, nature, objects. I think this one will stay in my rucksack forever. I am still using it. But not as much as I should! I like the in camera black and white film simulation.


Across the Moor

Across the Moor – for those of you who like to see a few of my landscape photography locations. The Fintlandsmoor is a very unique place and a beautiful nature resort in the district Ammerland in North Germany. Again filmed with my iPhone 5s. I have to get a decent video camera in one of these days. Awesome music by Ben Sound.

White Trees

RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography - White Trees
Reinhold Staden Photography – White Trees

Adjustment layer “Black and White” and Preset “Infrared”. The more green and blue colors in your RAW file, the more black and white is created by this little tweak. Turning an old camera into “infrared” would be another (but expensive) option. This turns the bright sunlight hours during daytime into a “productive” time zone for photography.

Old Water Mill


© RSP – Reinhold Staden Photography

Today I worked with an image of an old water mill for a few moments. The first step was to develop the digital negative with a few minor adjustments in Lightroom. In step 2 I converted it in Photoshop into B+W. Each section of the image, the waterfall, the wheel, the bridge was processed in separate selections with levels and curves. In total 10. After that I saved it and switched back to LR to print it for my mobile portfolio and to export it for the Internet and future printing.


Mobile Portfolio

There is nothing like a “printed” image. This is my “printed mobile portfolio”. 15 curated images (max box capacity 30 sheets) printed on Hahnenmühle 285 g (4.0 x 5.9″ / 10 x 15 cm) pearl finish, bright white paper in a metal box, all with my signature and numbered x/100. Printed in my studio with my own printer. It comes handy when people ask me about my portfolio. I take out my portfolio box and show it to them. And guess what. They are not randomly cropped. 🙂

Portfolio - RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography
The “Box”
Portfolio - RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography
A pencil as a measure of scale
Portfolio - RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography
Inside of the box
Portfolio - RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography
Curated images, signed, numbered, printed with highest quality

In 2017 I will start producing these boxes with special content: National Park Wadden Sea, Moorlands, Woodlands, Long Exposures, B+W. It is an expensive production process and very time consuming. Not sure what price tag I should use. I will sell them in the Internet but mainly in selected stores nearby. Have a nice weekend. Smiles. Reinhold

My current workflow…

Today I like to share my current workflow with you.

All my 50K images are downloaded with Adobe Bridge (BR) from my cameras (Fuji X-T1 / X100) to the file system of Disk 1 (my work disk) in RAW format. Previously I loaded all the images into LR, but 50K images are too many to work in a timely and effective way. I have to use the bin more often in the future. In parallel they are stored on my backup disk… before deletion… just in case.

Those images “I like to work with” are loaded into Adobe Lightroom (LR) and receive all requires META (copyright, photographer, location,…) data in this process. They will be placed in folders and collections for future use. Currently I have 10K images in LR, which are far to many. I am working on that “problem” in the moment. The library and images are backed up on a regular basis to disk 2.

The keepers of the last 18 months go into Adobe Photoshop (PS) and will be stored in the file system of my work disk in PSD format. I have about 200 images in these “gallery” folders. Here I hope to increase the number in the next months. But all these images have received extensive post processing and sharpening and noise reduction for printing. Most of these images have never seen the internet and will not in the future. The PSD files are backed up on a regular basis to disk 2.

Images which will go to my internet sites, which before went into my WordPress blog (next post) will be exported from LR in different orientations and sizes. But all of them are JPG files. I create no backup of these files, because they can be recreated easily.

The hardest part is the decision which file goes from left to right. Images I did not like 18 months ago are suddenly gallery images. And the other way round. Are you using a similar process? What are your criteria to go from left to right?

But may be this can only be answered if we look at the target systems. But I will leave this to my next post.


Workflow Reinhold Staden Photography
Workflow Reinhold Staden Photography