And the winner is…

all what is happening currently around the world. It has eaten up my happiness, my believes and my creativity. How can I possibly post an awesome, beautiful and motivating moment with all of that in my head. My blog comes to a hold, may be to an end. Then… this will be my last post. Thanks for all your likes, comments and support. I will always remember the days of our weekly photography challenges. May the light always be with you. Stay healthy and safe. May be we see and write us again. When the world has changed and will become a better (at least a normal) place.

With love, hugs and smiles.
Reinhold & Boomer

My way

hin/weg – Project of Heidi / Nahaufnahme. Theme for this month: Rezept (Recipe). Whether it’s a path through a forest or moor or a solution path… all of them have one thing in common. A leading line. I am using tracks, roads, piers and shapes as leading lines for my images. Do I have a recipe? I think there are no rules, no recipes. Breaking the rules, enjoying the moment, nature and landscapes is more important. The same is true for cooking. I never follow recipes or rules. And I like it. But in our current situation you have to follow one recipe. Stay safe and healthy. Happy days. Reinhold

And why do I have to follow all these rules?