One moment in time

This morning at our lake. A fisherman is leaving the harbour heading towards the other side of the lake. No expensive camera. No prime lens. No time to think about composition. Just my iPhone. Capturing one moment in time. Happy days. Reinhold

12 thoughts on “One moment in time

  1. I know this scene from experience. The boat may have a noisy motor, but you’ve captured the serenity of being alone out on the water. The lines are so smooth and silky. Sehr schön.

    • Vielen Dank, Eilene. The motor of the boat was actually not very noisy. That’s why I had to rush to capture the scene. Thanks for your visit and comment. Viele Grüße und einen schönen Tag. Reinhold

    • thank you, Jane. I never believed in gear. Sometimes it matters, often it is totally irrelevant. The only other camera I own is the Fuji X100F which is able to capture these fleeting moments. But even then I probably would have missed the moment. Happy days and greetings. Reinhold

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