Intimate views

Fortunately we have a contact ban only. So far. We can still leave our homes (supermarket, pharmacy, walking Boomer, walking alone or as a couple) but we have to avoid contact to other people. Usually pretty easy in our small, remote village. But sometimes difficult in our supermarket. But people still behave like responsible human beings (most of them). At least our local weather is playing on our side. Forecast looks pretty promising. I have positioned the grill on our terrace, checked the wine and meat stock, baked some fresh bread and will isolate ourselves as much as possible to our home and garden. Starting today (April 1) Boomer is not allowed to run free for a period of a few months. We are living in a nature resort and have to protect breeding birds.

I have ordered 2 macro rings for my Fuji. This will turn my kit zoom (18-55mm) into a type of macro lens. Reviews were promising. So I try to focus on macro photography for the next weeks and stay at home.
Hopefully we will get some plants and flowers in our garden to dig into macro photography.

Stay save my blogging friends where ever you are and try to enjoy life even under these weird conditions.
Happy days and smiles.


7 thoughts on “Intimate views

    • Hey Julie, thank you! I was was always and I am still using a Fuji X-T1. Nearly as old as me. The X-T4 model is already on the market. And I am using the kit zoom (18-55). But I know both pieces inside out. No need to upgrade really. Hope you are healthy and safe. My memories flow back to my days in NZ these days more often. Happy days and smiles. Reinhold

  1. I love that first shot of the dandelion with the water droplets on the grass. A bit mysterious and the tonal range really makes one appreciate the subject.

  2. So what will happen if Boomer can’t run free? Are you able to leash walk the dogs? I can’t imagine having to contain my 100lbs of mutt with her having some free running 😜 your flowers are beautiful Reinhold ~ hugs Hedy ❄️🌷

    • Hedy, yes, I have to use a leash, but that’s not the same… for him, for me, for us. 🥺 Free running round the lake… have to wait a few months to continue this. But ahhhh… that’s complaining on a high level. Could be worse. Thanks, stay safe and smiles. Reinhold

      • Of course I’m understand…just so many confusing facts and unknowns…I’m curious to see how each country handles this crisis…not to complain either…that never helps…stay safe too ☺️❄️🙋‍♀️

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