Walking my dog… #18

Back in Hamburg Boomer and I are trying to manage the hurricane Ciara with heavy wind and rain. Difficult to find moments for short walks. Never imagined how difficult it is to get through the day and night. The house and bed were shaking and the noise of the wind and rain was extreme. Still one day and night to go! Hopefully it will be better on Wednesday! Happy days to you! Reinhold and Boomer.

The day before in the moor

9 thoughts on “Walking my dog… #18

    • Hi Eilene, the German word is „Orkan“. The translation via Google is „Hurricane“. I think windstorm or winterstorm is a better translation. Strong wind (150-200 kmh), heavy rain and dark and thick clouds. The peak is over. High tide in Hamburg. 2-2.50m about normal. Still horrible conditions for a dog which doesn’t like strong winds and rain. Snow and thunderstorms are expected today. And the weather forecast… wind and rain for the next week(s). Happy days to you! Reinhold

    • Thanks Sandra. Somehow managed to get through the peak of the storm. Still horrible conditions. The image of Boomer is actually the day before the storm. Currently he looks scared, storm and rain in his hair and not really trotting along. But we will manage this… somehow. Snow and thunderstorms expected for today. Take care and happy days. Reinhold

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