8 thoughts on “Walking my dog… #7

      • Ben our dog, he is a Border Collie and we had a professional trainer for him because he was so wild and untrainable, he had some sort of attitude problem and seemed to be very angry with the world. Didn’t work. Now that his puppy years are well and truly over he is the best dog, although very spoilt, does what he’s told most of the time.

      • Karen, we had some minor problems as well. We also have a professional trainer and things are getting better. We are on our way. I still enjoy the process of up’s and down’s. Yesterday he was running free in the moor. He was always in an acceptable distance, returned by order and was even running near my feet when told. Looks like a success to me. Definitely for him. I could see the smile in his face. Happy days. Reinhold

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