Moorland – Dark Moor

After the old wizard passed the Guardian of the Moor and entered the path to the White, Light Moor he returned to the junction and slept there for the night. He looked at the images in his magic cube and was happy about the stolen results.
In the morning when the fog was still covering the landscape he accessed the black, dark moor through another secret path.

RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography - Moorland
Path to Dark Moor

The black dark moor was covered with fog and the silhouettes of the trees, which looked like marching giants and warriors frightens the old wizard. He quickly stole a few images of the scene and returned to his home and a hot cup of tea.

Thank you for your interest and patience.
In my next post I will explain what the “Moorland Photography Concept” is all about.

Happy days. Reinhold

6 thoughts on “Moorland – Dark Moor

  1. I love the way you weave a magical story in with your photography. Phenomenal images to which I just really took my time in drinking with my eyes. Thank you, Reinhold! ☺️

    • Thanks, Amy! I am not good at writing stories in Englisch. I am not good at writing stories in German either. That’s why I use my camera to tell a bit of a story. This time I could not resist. I have searched for about 2 years to find a theme in my remote area here in North Germany. And “Moorland” seems to be the theme is was looking for. 1 lake, 2 moors. All in a distance of a few miles from my home at the lake. My website, my gallery, my calendar, my prints, my workshops… even outdoor portraits will always take place in Moorland. Finally the old man has found the key for his future work. Thanks for your comment and support. Happy days and smiles. Reinhold

    • smiles and thanks back to you, hedy. hope you are well. so many things are happening and time is running fast. have to sit down and write an update per mail. greetings from the old wizard. reinhold

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