Hounds of the Moorland

RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography - Hounds
Hounds of the Moorland

I was capturing the path through the moor. Tripod. Camera. Filter. Everything. In my “little world” of photography. When I pressed the shutter two dogs suddenly, without a previous noise, passed by. I nearly had a heart attack. In the end the resulting image made me smile.
Happy days. Reinhold

19 thoughts on “Hounds of the Moorland

  1. Happy day to you Reinhold…as I think about animal totems and their meanings 🧐 and the symbol of the dog is wonderful…so a little grateful surprise for your capture of the hounds 🤗☺️

    • Thank you, Hedy… and hopefully the meaning is really a good one… surprises like this in the moors are a bit scary. Tomorrow I leave Berlin and return to Potsdam… Smiles and happy days. Reinhold

    • … and so easy to get a heart attack. 🙂 No, they were quiet friendly and I had a nice chat with the lady who walked the dogs. Thanks for your nice comment and visit, Margaret. Happy days. Reinhold

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