Train delayed… again… what to do?

The German transportation system is a nightmare. At least when I am traveling. Wasted time… wasted hours. I usually take out my iPad and start to work with some of my images and Snapseed. At the end some Covers are left in my Scrapbook. Who knows. May be I can use them in one of these days. Happy days. Reinhold

15 thoughts on “Train delayed… again… what to do?

    • Hey Julie! Never worked with Snapseed before. Light weight traveling to Berlin and back with an iPad is quite cool. And using a Pencil with the iPad is even cooler. Thanks for your nice comment and for stopping by. Happy days. Reinhold

  1. Love the images especially Urban Landscapes. #4.
    NYC has the worst antiquated and dilapidated subway and bus system. Nothing works on weekends and on week days delays, breakdowns, diversions are the rule.

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