Sharing some insights

The making of Bridge in Amsterdam

I processed the underlying image in Lightroom CC
Converted it into black and white
Used dodge and burn to create more contrast
Afterwards edited it in Photoshop CC
Used the oil paint filter once
And … after leaving my playground…

Happy days!


6 thoughts on “Sharing some insights

  1. These are excellent Reinhold. Superb processing, I really like what you’ve done with them. I hope Berlin has cooled down a little, we’ve had rain here today.

    • Thank you, Simon. Still warm in Berlin… I am currently back at my lake in the North enjoying the wind, the water and mild temperatures.
      But next week Berlin and Potsdam are on my list again. Greetings from the North and happy days to you! Reinhold

  2. Thank you so much for this info. I like the photo a lot and can’t wait to try the filter. We are traveling now. As soon as I get back, I will give it a try. Again than you! You made my day 😉

    • Hi Maureen, you will love to work with these tools. I couldn’t work without. PS felt only natural to me after I used a tablet and pen. You find the oil paint filter under Filter / Stylize… Option 5. Just play around with it. Have fun and happy days from extremely hot Berlin. Reinhold

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