Details, textures and high tonality – ACROS

Fuji Acros is a low-sensitivity black-and-white negative film with super fine grain structure and high tonality.
It’s long been a favorite amongst die-hard black-and-white photographers, and its scheduled demise (end 2018) will surely be felt heavily in the community.
But there is good news:
My new Fuji X100F offers the film simulation Acros.
If you shoot the X100F in JPG mode you can select Acros as black and white film simulation and use the stunning in camera development feature.
If you are not sure… you can choose RAW + JPG as well. But I have stopped this after my first try. It feels like wearing trousers with a belt and suspenders.
I don’t want to bore you to death with technical details.
Hopefully you like my images and the look of Acros too.

7 thoughts on “Details, textures and high tonality – ACROS

    • Hi Julie, the cloud is also one of my favorite images. Yes, sometimes I don’t know where to look with all the lines, textures and light. So different from my usual landscape photography. But starts to feel better. This week we have a pretty good weather forecast. So I will be out on a few days this week. Thanks. Sending smiles and happy days to you. Reinhold

    • I think you are right. I admire people who work with film in these days. I am a big fan of Ben Horne. A large format film photographer. Thanks for your comment. Happy days. Reinhold

      • I was not familiar with Ben Horne – 2 hours later and I see why you like his work.
        Drum scanning sheets of film at 709.6 megapixels and still needing to assemble the image in Photoshop !!
        Thanks for your reply.

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