RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography - Berlin


Berlin. Urban landscapes. Architecture. Street. Portrait.

Next week I am on my way to Berlin.
I will live in the city centre for the first days and I am planning to stay near the center for the following time.
I am looking forward to a hopefully very creative and productive time in Berlin.

Happy days. Reinhold

9 thoughts on “Berlin

  1. Stunning images Reinhold .. the mono are fabulous, but the last one caught my eye. Wish I was going to be in Berlin 🙂 Have a great time, I’m looking forward for seeing your photos

    • Thank you, Julie. Busy packing my gear and getting our car ready. Hopefully you will like my mono images from Berlin. The first images will all be in black and white. But I will make up my mind when I learn more about the city and the compositions I can get. Happy days and a happy weekend to you. Reinhold

  2. I’ve only been once to Berlin, but I loved it and want to visit again. I’m looking forward to your photos of the city over a relatively long period. Enjoy your time there!

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