Winter at our lake

We had a very special winter at our lake this year. Periods of rain and wind were followed by periods of sunshine, extreme cold and blizzards from the East. I created a video with some impressions of the winter, our lake and some awesome animals I saw on my photo walks. Now we have spring and I am out trying to find images for my next video. Spring at the lake.

Just the obvious: the headline is in German: Winter am Zwischenahner Meer. am = at the. Happy days. Reinhold

12 thoughts on “Winter at our lake

  1. A beautiful way to start my day, Reinhold. Your slideshow pacing and transitions along with the music is perfect. Your images are stunning and I enjoyed anticipating each image and then savoring the moment. Wonderful post.

  2. This is truly an incredible composition 🙂

    When a beautiful series of images are mixed with such a lovely music, the impact is many folds…

    Thank you so much for sharing and have a beautiful day 🙂

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