RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography - Rails
Rails I
RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography - Rails
Rails II

Hamburg. Always a special location to visit. Even for a few hours only. I like how the light of the sunrise reflects on the the rails leaving Hamburg’s main station. A railway station and the rails always create a feeling of coming and going. Happy days. Reinhold

6 thoughts on “Rails

  1. Sorry, I’m catching up on your work. I love these two compositions! Again, I’m so impressed by your control and technique with light and composition.

    I am curious if you are getting any financial benefit from your work. If not, you should!

    • Thx for catching up. Still trying to find my technique. May be may 90 days in Berlin will help. All my work in “social media” has created a total income of ZERO. I have sold many prints, calendars, I run workshops, create model portfolios, execute projects, shoot dogs… how? By talking to people in my neighbourhood. Connect to shops in my area. Talking to people watch me shoot. Personal references. I actually think about a physical shop. A very small gallery. Small exhibitions with a big fun factor. A local musician, the wine store in my village providing wine and food. This is my dream. We will see. Happy days to you. Reinhold

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