In my work there is no perfection,
only ambitious versions of drafts
in the timeline of my photographic journey.
When they feel perfect,
that’s when I need to worry most.

MS.DIPLOMACY – still one of the most inspiring blogs in my list of blogs I follow. Check it out.

SEAN TUCKER – currently my favorite channel.

You are now able to test Fuji lenses online! Here is the link.

The next summary of my.month will be published in July.

Happy Days. Reinhold

8 thoughts on “my.05

  1. quote: War ja auch Thema unseres Gesprächs. Hat mir echt die Augen geöffnet! Danke.

    Mrs Diplomacy rocks!

    Sean Tucker, klasse Inspiration. Werde ich mir alles noch mal zu Gemüte führen.

    LG, Markus

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