Zero Point

RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography - Zero Point
Zero Point

Yesterday, while I was shooting the Formula 18 boat race at our local lake, I took a rest at the shore of the lake. After a while I saw these lines of blue water and light with the duck as a zero point. It was so nice to have this warm and sunny day after all the bad weather in the last months. I really enjoyed it.

6 thoughts on “Zero Point

  1. One of the best ducks in all my life….!
    No kidding , I love the movement in the water, the light and the reflections….and my impression is that the duck was very pleased to be captured by a great photographer like you!

  2. The gentle ripples, reflections, waves, and delightful lights, around the lovely bird really please viewer’s eyes. Thank you so much for the post, Reinhold. 🙂

    • Thank you, Amy! There was a big difference in motion between the bird and the racing sail boats. And for a rest at the shore of the lake this “refreshed” my eyes to keep following the speeding boats. And now I have to look at your dragonfly a bit closer. Happy days! Reinhold

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