Across the Moor

Across the Moor – for those of you who like to see a few of my landscape photography locations. The Fintlandsmoor is a very unique place and a beautiful nature resort in the district Ammerland in North Germany. Again filmed with my iPhone 5s. I have to get a decent video camera in one of these days. Awesome music by Ben Sound.

32 thoughts on “Across the Moor

  1. Oh Reinhold .. I just loved this. The music is superb is the beautiful scenery. The flames of light is engulfing.. Such beauty. And you shot this on an iPhone? Trust me you need nothing else. What did you edit the video in? Well done!

    • I like his music too, Julie. I have some more to go. The iPhone is a good device to shoot videos for a start. And I will be using it on a short term for other videos. I edited it with iMovie. The app comes as a giveaway with all MacBooks. A cool product and easy to use. Glad you like my walk across the moors. Happy times and smiles. Reinhold

  2. There are reasons to get up early and get on the road, aren’t there? I wish I was better at doing that….It looks like a lovely place, and what a relaxing, even mesmerizing video you put together.

    • I am still searching for reasons… no, just kidding. I actually like to get up very early, take the car, drive to a location. I think extreme weather conditions and getting up early or staying until sunset create rewarding results. I am still learning and I am still trying to force myself to take advantage of these extremes. This video was an easy one. 🙂 Thanks for you motivating comment. Happy days. Reinhold

      • Absolutely – extremes in weather or hour of the day are good times to be out – maybe I’ll get better at getting out earlier, one of these days.

  3. Ein wirklich schoener Einblick in deine Wirkungsstaette. Ich mag jede Form von Makin’ Of, da sie einem nochmal eine groessere Naehe zu deinem Wirken gibt, ohne jedoch den Zauber deiner Bilder zu schmaelern. Doch nicht nur als Making Of oder Blick hinter die Kulissen, sondern auch als eigenstaendiger Film ist dies eine echt gelungene Sache.
    Liebe Gruesse, Markus

    • Diese Videos machen mir richtig Spaß. Will und werde kein YouTube Star werden, aber das mein Video über das Dänikhorster Moor bereits 1000 mal angesehen wurde ist ziemlich cool. Werde das zwischendurch immer mal wieder machen. Liebe Grüße. Reinhold

      • Hi, hi… die 1000 sind nicht wirklich wichtig, Markus. Ich frage mich nur warum ein Video so abgeht und die anderen die “erwartete” Zahl von Klicks haben. Muss ich mir mal näher anschauen. LG. Reinhold

      • 1000 ist echt schon ne Ansage. Die kommen nicht mal eben so zustande. Trotzdem sehr cool. Sieht man denn woher die Klicks kommen. Vielleicht sind das ja auch lokale Betrachter, die sich echt freuen, dass es so was cooles über ihre Gegend gibt.
        LG, Markus

  4. A beautiful nature landscape to fall in love with, even more so through you lens.
    Thank you for taking us there, Reinhold. 🙂

  5. What a great little video. Fintlandsmoor looks like a very inspiring place to take a camera and you have captured some great photographs. There is a lot to soak up and I like the relaxed feel of the video with a well chosen soundtrack. Where might I find the soundtrack? Thanks for sharing. It made a good start to my day. Best wishes, Mr C

    • Thank you. Glad you like it. It’s one of my favourite locations. The soundtrack you will find by simply google “Ben Sound”. Lots of awesome music. Greetings. Reinhold

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