Aircraft leaving Danger Zone

RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography - Danger Zone
Develop my personal style

Image 19/20 – Danger Zone

This image is part of my series: Develop my personal style

January 2015. Storm “Felix” on its way to hit the coast of North Germany. I wanted to capture those amazing cloud formations. In the top left side of the view finder I saw this aircraft passing the storm. Actually I think the aircraft was flying above the storm field. But in this moment it looked a bit “dangerous” to me.

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14 thoughts on “Aircraft leaving Danger Zone

  1. Wirklich kraftvoll wie der Himmel hier alle Dimensionen ausspielt. Die Baeume verbleiben als bedeutungslose Komparsen. Wie nebenbei kurz erwaehnt, dass es sie auch noch gibt in diesem maechtigen Spiel.
    LG, Markus

    • Gestern habe ich Wolken fotografiert. Nur so. Ohne Sinn. Ich habe bei Sonnenschein auf dem Steg am See gelegen und die Wolken angeschaut. Jede ein Unikat. Damit werde ich keinen Preis gewinnen. Aber für die Arbeit in PS immer wieder gern genommen.

    • I guess he was quite serious that day. 🙂 Caused a lot of damage to the coastline. But I like windy and stormy weather. As long as it is not raining. Thanks, Julie. Smiles. Reinhold

  2. What a spectacular shot, Reinhold! Great captures of lights and layer of clouds. The line of trees down there made the clouds look even more dramatic. Awesome!!

    • Thanks, Amy! The storm “Felix” did a lot of damage to the coastline that night. We have these types of storm once a year. I think you are used to this type of weather too.

    • I guess they will see an ocean of white clouds from above. But who knows. The only time I really felt the movement of a storm in an aircraft was during my flight back from NZ to Germany. Thanks for stopping by and your comment, Tina!

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