Bronze Trees

RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography - Bronze Tress
Develop my personal style
Image 6/20 – Do you know this feeling? An awesome tree or a group of trees. And no way to isolate it from the green and dark background? This is always the case in the North of Germany. We have no hills and no trees on top of these hills to ease object separation. I captured this group several times. A few days ago I decided to correct this in Photoshop. It looks a bit “abstract”… but I like it.

This image is part of my series: Develop my personal style

The first 5 images are already published. If you are interested… please visit my blog. Thanks in advance!

20 thoughts on “Bronze Trees

  1. Finde ich eine super Idee mit dem Buch. Und warte mal ab, vielleicht wird ja noch mehr draus. Ich habe mir für mich zwei Fotobücher gemacht. STREET und PEOPLE. Nur mal so als kleine Zäsur, um mal zu schauen, wo man so steht. Das kam in Russland sehr gut an. Gibt sogar auch eine Nachfrage. Das Problem ist nur der Preis, da ich es mir bei SAAL DIGITAL quasi als Endkunde gekauft habe. Sollte vielleicht mal antesten wie der Preis wäre, wenn ich es als Zwischenhändler erwerbe.
    Liebe Grüße, Markus

  2. Mensch, Reinhold. Das ist sowas von genial freigestellt, Hammer. Der erste Gedanke war, DAS ist ein ziemlich geniales Bühnenbild! Echt. Es hat was von einer freistehenden Baumgruppe auf einer Theaterbühne. Spotlight von oben ..und palelle Schatten im Vordergrund, die eine grandiose Tiefe schaffen. Das schreit förmlich nach einem Ballett, dass in dieser Kulisse rumwirbelt. Ein Oscar für dich für das Szenenbild.
    Das Bild gibt es ja auch noch in dem knalligen Rot. Gefällt mir sehr. Nur als Bühnenbild, würde ich das hier nehmen.
    LG, Markus

    • Danke für den Oscar, Markus! Da liegst Du gar nicht so falsch. Ich schreibe gerade ein Buch / eine Informationssammlung über Landschaftsfotografie. Nur für mich! Weil ich Bock drauf habe. Und das ist das Cover. Aber das mit dem Bühnenbild und Ballett ist eine gute Idee. Ich werde mal das Staatstheater in Oldenburg anmailen. 😉 Vielen Dank für Deinen lieben und ausführlichen Kommentar. Liebe Grüsse aus dem verregneten Ammerland. Reinhold

    • If you want get familiar with Photoshop. I always recommend Aaron Nace at PHLEARN.COM. Tons of videos about ALL aspects of Photoshop. These video’s are extremely good. All I know comes from this source. And he is a funny guy as well. Try it. It’s free. If you want to play this very serious, there are paid sessions as well. But start with the free stuff. Thanks for your wonderful comment, my friend! Best. Reinhold

  3. I also think your photos have a very special style. The style may have something to do with how you see and how you want to present your exquisite photo, perhaps.

  4. I love this photo a lot (same as many of your others), Reinhold.
    Why do you have this “Develop my personal style” series? I thought you do have it every time I saw your photo. How do you decide B&W with a little gold/brown (I forgot)? I have so many questions. I think I am the one who really needs a personal style, but where to start? 😉
    Have a wonderful day.

    • Thanks for your kind words, Helen. It all started with 100. I selected 100 images from my 70.000 images and defined them as my “portfolio”. When I looked at them in detail I saw one thing: all images were technically OK, nice compositions, cool post processing. Different crops, different light, different color. If you see a “McHamburger” sign you know the brand and… I want to develop a personal style. Something different. When you open the reader and see an image your first thought should be: Reinhold again! That would be a dream. If you see a black and white image with a touch of bronze color than you know: Its me! If you need somebody to kick some ideas into the air about your style. Lets talk about it. Smiles. Reinhold

      • I guess that’s why I am a little confused. Not long after I started following your blog, several times when I saw a picture in my reader, I knew it was you. Really. One of the reason that your style attracted me is how you use the white space. I thought you were brilliant.
        Black and white with a touch of bronze… first, I want to say that I love your recent photos just like I love your previous photos. But I wonder by doing so, is it possible that you have made it too easy for viewers to identify you? I don’t know. I am thinking out loud here… forgive me if I seem not knowing what I am saying 😉
        On the other hand, I kind of know what you said. I can easily identify Emilio’s photo because the color he uses, and that doesn’t reduce any respect/admiration I have for him. Hmm…
        I, on the other hand, do need figure out what my style is. I think I like landscape with regular people (not a model) in it. Maybe that’s where I should start? I don’t know. I have a feeling that there is more to it. I will continue working on it. Of course, any advice will be deeply appreciated. 😉
        Have a wonderful day.

      • You have a good point here. I have to think about it. That’s the reason why I do this series. May be there will be a different end to it than the beginning. Thanks, Helen!

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