The roads taken in New Zealand

5 weeks – 5 senses – 5 t-shirts… in 2007 and 2012 we spent 5 weeks each on the roads of amazing New Zealand. Brings back memories of great landscapes, great people and great roads. I would like to be on these roads again!

RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography
Mount Cook in the distance
RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography
Roads in 2007 – North and South Island
RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography
Queenstown harbour
RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography
Roads in 2012 – South Island only

Images I have posted here in my blog (Photography was not my passion in these years… what a waste) 🙂


The Road Taken

24 thoughts on “The roads taken in New Zealand

    • … beam me down there… glad you like it, Julie. At that time it was “tourist photography”, documenting our trip for family and friends. Photoshop helped to boost some of them. Thanks and smiles. Reinhold

  1. Was fuer ein geiler Trip und was fuer tolle Bilder. Auf jeden Fall immer raus damit und teilen… …sollst ja nicht der einzige sein, der in solchen Erinnerungen schwelgt. 🙂 😉
    Lg, Markus

    • Da hast Du recht. Erinnerungen… und das tolle am Trip. Es waren zwei. 2007 + 2012. Damals hatte ich aber nicht viel im Sinn… mit Fotografieren. 2012 habe ich eine Canon IXUS Pocket Kamera dabei gehabt. Aber mir hat das gut gefallen und so bin ich zum Fotografieren gekommen. Danke Markus! LG. Reinhold

  2. Much longer ago for me since I was there… but I would so much like to go on those roads again too! Beautiful photo’s even though it wasn’t your passion back then. And about that ‘waste’ I feel the same with my Africa travels many years ago…

    • Thank you, Noortje! In 2012 I was still shooting with a Canon Pocket camera. But it got me going on landscape photography. I would love to visit all the magic locations again… but on the other hand, all these scenes are still in my memory. Even today I have “flashbacks”. May be it was good to see these places with my eyes and not through the view finder. Who knows! Smiles. Reinhold

  3. Fabulous collection of NZ. I would love to go back! For “photography not being your passion”back then, these are fantastic images, Reinhold! 😉

    • Thank you, Jane. May be seeing these places with my eyes was better than seeing all these magic locations through the viewfinder. They are still im my memory. Easy for me to start dreaming… and after shooting images with a Canon pocket camera I decided to dive deeper into photography. These 2 trips changed more than that in my life. And may be there is some time left on my timeline to go back. Smiles. Reinhold

    • Hedy, there is a life before and one after being in NZ. Fantastic land- and seascapes… but what is even more impressive: the people. Helpful, friendly, interested, caring, funny… If you can… go! Smiles. Reinhold

  4. Great captures of the mountains, seascape, waterfalls… ! A waste, Why?
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful trip you made!

    • Amy, I was shooting with a Canon pocket camera. Even in 2012 and had no idea about photography. “A waste”… I could have done (photography) better now. But on the other hand… seeing these magic locations with my eyes burnt these scenes into my memory. Still be able to dream about these locations… It was the best time for me and my wife in our lives… so… no waste at all, but a treasure! And it started a new passion: photography. Smiles and thank you! Reinhold

      • With Canon pocket camera, unbelievable! What a remarkable travel journey to see the South Island and photography journey. Thank you for sharing, Reinhold. 🙂

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