Loch Leven, Scotland

RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography - Loch Leven
Reinhold Staden Photography – Loch Leven

Pano view of Loch Leven in the Highlands of Scotland. We stayed with our mobile home near Glencoe at the other side of the lake, but we had a similar view. If we just could have left out the “midges”…

11 thoughts on “Loch Leven, Scotland

  1. We just spent 4 weeks there (starting middle of May) and didn’t have any trouble with midges whatsoever! 🙂 Great photo, Reinhold.

    • Nasty creatures… but a mobile home provides some protection… Scotland is cool, but I prefer England: Lake District, Yorkshire, Devon, Dorset… can’t beat that. Thanks, Julie!

    • … so true. We had the advantage of a mobile home. Looking out of the windows seeing a French family with a tent fighting for breakfast which they finished in their car… was something different. That was in 2014 in early summer. I heard that it gets worse in late summer. 🙂 Thanks for your comment and stopping by. Reinhold

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