15 thoughts on “Rosebud or Sleeping Beauty

  1. Mensch, Reinholt… …warst aber wieder tüchtig.
    Da geht schon ein richtiger Zauber aus von diesem Foto… …hat echt was von Xanadu. Wird man mal wieder hineingezogen (das geht mir oft so bei deinen Bildern). Die ineinander verwobenen Zweige erzeugen echt so was wie einen Strudel. Toll.
    LG, Markus

    • Thanks, Amy! This is a pathway in the foreground. I duplicated the top and sides of the image, flipped it around and used my tablet / drawing pen to add parts of this selection to the foreground. It looks like water because it is blurry. I used a tele lens at 2.8 focused at the building. You will never ever get a sharp foreground… but in this case that is OK. Fiction series. May be we should do a joint post. I provide an image… you write your famous fiction story… fiction x 2. Smiles. Reinhold

      • That’s so creative, Reinhold. I love your process although it’s way over my head. 🙂 The writing thing I can do! Yes, you know that sounds like a great idea. I hope I could deliver a story to match your artistry. Let me know. I’m interested.

      • Great! I will take a closer look at my images of the last days. I am sure I will find a cool one. I will sent it to you via mail. If you like it, you write a text. I will post it in my blog. If you like… you post it in your blog. Sound like fun!! Thanks, Amy. Smiles. Reinhold 🙂 🙂 🙂

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