19 thoughts on “Autumn Leaves

    • Vielen Dank, Michèle! Schön das Dir mein Blätter Bild gefällt. Ich habe diese Komposition zufällig neben einem Teich entdeckt. Die Natur schafft immer wieder faszinierende Kunstwerke. Ich brauch dann nur noch den Auslöser zu drücken. LG. Reinhold

    • Thanks, Noortje… we are making some progress with a “colorful autumn” here, but now that the colors show up the weather is getting even worse than the last days. Rain forecasted for Monday and Tuesday and some mixed weather for Wednesday. Hopefully it is not over then. But I think it will be OK.
      Smiles. Reinhold

    • … it is already quiet cold and wet,wet,wet… you are right, it smelled actually smelled like autumn when I captured this image. Thanks for the thought, for me it is quiet “normal” and it shouldn’t. Cheers, Angela.

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