21 thoughts on “Old and Wise

      • You’re welcome! BTW…my apologies if I miss things here and there. I’m trying not to be glued to my computer as much. Kind of a give and take I guess! I really did enjoy this image.

      • No apologies… I miss things here and there too and have too many “things” on my work list. I will buy a GO PRO 5 Session action cam tomorrow. The iPhone is not really a good camera to create videos about landscape photography. New toy, new time consuming activity. But tomorrow is “planned” for community activities (likes, comments, viewing, reading, ….) 🙂 Read your post about the new mobile cam. I think this will not be something I would like to use. I am excited about the new Fuji mid format camera and lenses. Very promising. But way out of my budget. Have to win in the lottery first. Thanks for spending some of your time viewing and commenting my images, Laura. Talk to you soon. Smiles. Reinhold

    • Thanks, Julie. I guess they have been imported from overseas a few centuries ago and have been planted into the garden (Schlossgarten / Oldenburg). They always catch my eyes when I walk by. Hope you are fine in beautiful NZ. I am homesick. Smiles. Reinhold

    • Thank you, Hedy. These trees are located in the “Schlossgarten” in Oldenburg / North Germany. So this is not the “wild” landscape but a beautiful public garden nearby. Still they are amazing “victims” of my photography and post processing. Glad you like it. Cheers. Reinhold

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