Landscape Photography – Inspiration

RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography - Access to the lake

Since I recently decided to focus on landscape photography I am constantly searching the web for inspiration. My favorite landscape photographers are all based in UK. Being in England, Wales and Scotland for quite a while I am not surprised. I would like to share the links to their stunning homepages with you. Some of them are into landscape photography for over 20 years. My all time favorites are Joe Cornish and Jonathan Critchley who is based in France but was born in London. So I think he is a valid member of this group. Enjoy there awesome images! Have a good and creative week. Reinhold

Paul Gallagher

Charlie Waite

David Noton

Joe Cornish

Jeremy Walker

Jonathan Critchley

Update: Added to the list, recommendations of bythebriny. Thanks so much for your input. Especially Bruce Percy is stunning.

Bruce Percy

Pete Hyde


20 thoughts on “Landscape Photography – Inspiration

  1. Great image, Reinhold! Very artsy. Thanks for sharing the links to those wonderful photographers. They are all excellent, but my favorite is definitely Critchley. I love his work.

    • Wie, schon durch? Du hast mein Selfie ignoriert? Als ich – Watching – “gemacht” habe, habe ich schon geschmunzelt. Wenn es einer merkt… dann Markus. Der Steg und die Leiter führt direkt in das Zwischenahner Meer. Ich kaufe mir diese Woche einen Neopren-Anzug und dann gehts ab. Muss ein wenig gegen zunehmende Alterserscheinungen machen. Have fun! Reinhold

      • Klar habe ich dich gesehen. Bei ‘Watching’ habe ich den Kommentar doch über DICH und das Bild geschrieben. Genau so, stelle ich mir den Reinhold vor. 🙂

        Dann viel Spaß mit dem Neppern-Anzug! 🙂

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