Rhododendronpark Bruns – Fuji XF14mm 2.8 Quick Test

There was a small window of “no rain” yesterday. I drove to the Rhododendronpark Bruns a few miles away and shot 6 test images with my new Fujinon XF14mm 2.8 lens. Easy to handle, Lee Seven 5 filter holder fits beautiful (no vignetting) and the results look promising. In my opinion! No fancy compositions, just test shots. What do you think? And… I promise… next post will be back to normal. No more excitement about a new lens. 🙂

15 thoughts on “Rhododendronpark Bruns – Fuji XF14mm 2.8 Quick Test

    • Thanks, Steven. Hope the horrible gray weather is changing soon. I don’t mind rain and dark clouds. But gray is just boring. A nice and creative weekend to you. Reinhold

  1. Jaw-dropping beautiful images. Gorgeous colors and reflections! And I’m looking them on my mobile app… Imagine what they’ll look like on a large monitor. 👏

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