It’s not over until it’s over

Amsterdam. Remember? A few days ago I asked for advice of photo locations offsite the usual tourist attractions? I also studied the internet and made a plan of locations to visit (obviously the top 10 tourist attractions). I had 1.5 “daytime slots” only. To summarize my results in a few words: wrong expectations, wrong planning, wrong attitude (one that day), mixed weather, overwhelmed by the amount of cars, people, bridges, house boats, bicycles…I wasn’t prepared for street photography either (-> Noortje’s advice)  The location and my state of mind wouldn’t come together on day 1. The next day was just a sequel of the first day. Amsterdam is such a beautiful location. I know there are these hidden gems I was looking for. Somewhere. It’s not over until it’s over. I have to come back. Different time of the year and definitely at night time. Different / other expectations and attitude. I will leave you now with a few impression of Amsterdam and Haarlem (last 2 photos). Did you ever had a similar experience? I felt like being part of a movie. It wasn’t real. Smiles. Reinhold

23 thoughts on “It’s not over until it’s over

  1. Der Linienverlauf im ersten Bild ist genial. Gefällt mir sehr gut! Super spannend.

    Ich glaube ein besseres Wetter auf dem Foto mit der Mühle von Haarlem kann man sich echt nicht vorstellen. Das Bild hat eine unheimlich starke Ausstrahlung. Schwer und eigen. Toll.

    Liebe Grüße, Markus

    • Danke, Markus. Sorry für die späte Antwort. Ja, die Fotos aus Haarlem habe ich auf dem Weg zum Flix Bus zurück nach Oldenburg gemacht. Bestätigt den ganzen Vorgang. Nur keine allzu konkreten Pläne oder Erwartungen machen. Dann geht es.
      Hoffe Du hast eine gute Zeit. Liebe Grüsse. Reinhold

  2. Your shots are beautiful even if they weren’t what you were hoping for. It’s hard to get a feel for a place on the first visit (if that’s what this was for you) — I know I tend to be overwhelmed by the newness of everything.

  3. Lovely shots. I also have had times where I’m all excited yet nothing seems to work out. I keep moving around and not getting anything. That’s when I start looking for something else to photograph. If I was looking big, I go small and vice versa. I’m so glad a different attempt provided fruits of your labor!

    • … start looking for something else to photograph. So true. But I had a “mission”. I knew what I “wanted”. Big fail. I captured around 300 images. All trying to avoid the people, bicycles, cars, … Everything which “forms” Amsterdam. I think I left my brain at home. But… next time, another opportunity to make things different. It is a 4 hours bus drive only.

  4. I have had times when I thought I was going to get some marvelous photos and nothing worked. I think the perfect shots just happen and when I plan things it doesn’t always work.

    • That is exactly what happened in these hours. I had a plan, I knew what a “wanted” but I couldn’t find these locations. And I did not free my mind to just take shots of “what I saw”. Thanks Sherry. Good to know that I am not the only one!

  5. Incredible… you managed to capture Amsterdam almost without people and without the business and chaos you experienced! Although I think your photo’s are very beautiful, some of the chaos reflected in them would have been nice too. But that’s a different view on things and probably needed a different state of mind 🙂 Next time you’ll be prepared and not overwhelmed by the madness of the city!

    • I think you are absolutely right, Noortje. 80% of my 300 images are trying to isolate objects. A big fail. When I was there I wasn’t able to change my plan. It was my first Amsterdam visit. Next time I will have more time and I will capture what I see and not what I want to see. Thanks for your nice comment!

  6. Stunning photos, Reinhold! All of them! They don’t convey the chaos you experienced so congratulations on managing to capture such serene and beautiful images of a busy city. I haven’t been to Amsterdam yet but it’s on my list of places to visit next time we go to Europe.

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