… it lies as it falls or rises out of chaos that encompasses all – The Masque of the Elements / Herman Scheffauer

RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography - Windless
Copyright: RSP – Reinhold Staden Photography

… for more photographs of the district Ammerland and North Germany please follow this link: RSP – Reinhold Staden Photography

17 thoughts on “Windless

    • You should have been at and on the lake the weekend before, Laura! We had the first sailboat race of the season. Over 30 of them fell over. There was a lot of action for the rescue service teams. We had strong wind. I missed this event but friends told me about it. Next race with windy conditions is mine. Thanks and a nice weekend to you! Reinhold

      • OMG! I hope no one got hurt! While I was up at the Presidio taking those golden gate shots there was a rescue going on there too. Two teenagers had gotten swept into the ocean by a rip tide. They were never found. 😦

      • No, north Germans are used to wind and heavy waves. nobody got injured or lost. usual business first race in the year. I was told everybody had a lot of fun. 🙂

      • Oh good to know! There are lots of rogue waves around here. People don’t realize when the signs posted state so, they need to heed the warnings!

    • Thanks, Sherry. The weekend before we had our first sailboat race on the lake and over 30 of them fell over. We had very strong wind. So this is the calm weather after the storm. Greetings. Reinhold

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