Photography Homepage

My new photography homepage with a selection of my work is up and running.
You can view it using the following URL:

RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography - Homepage
RSP – Reinhold Staden Photography – Homepage

It is based on a responsive (auto adjustments to mobile devices and desktops) WordPress theme, using a standalone WordPress system at my hosted server in Germany as my content management system. I included a newsletter tool and an online shop with a PayPal / credit card checkout.

Each section covers first samples of a specific area of my photography:

Galleries: 3 photos side by side
Land: Landscapes
Sea: Seascapes
Urban: Architecture and a bit of street photography (a may be)
Thing: Objects and other things
Story: Photos with a story (so far you will find the photos only)
Nordlicht: 5 FIRST samples of my Nordlicht series
Select: A special offer (valid 3 months)
Shop: My first and new online shop (order via Mail included)
Blog: A link to this blog

In many sections you can filter by color and mono. It is a lot of fun seeing all the photos rearrange. At least for me. 🙂

Now one important thing to mention… and then I will leave you alone.

I could spent another month adding and refining system and content. And I would wait forever to go live. I decided to make a cut here and to do the additions and content refinements in my “live” system. So what you see is a starting point only. As I said in my announcement: the real work starts after going live with my base system. If you find any problems, errors or things I should change… please let me know.

I hope you like it and I wish you a creative and awesome weekend.



PS: if you plan to develop your own site, I am willing to share the insights of my concept / tools. Just let me know by mail.

24 thoughts on “Photography Homepage

    • That was my intention, Karen. To create emotions. The world is crazy enough. Glad I made you smile. Thanks for your nice comment and for stopping by. All the best and a nice weekend. Reinhold

    • I am glad to know your eye is in the background, Sherry. I need all the help and support I can get. Especially professional help and advice like yours. Nice weekend. Reinhold

  1. Gerade habe ich mir deine neue Seite angesehen, Reinhold, sämtliche Reiter aufgerufen, Bilder betrachtet etc.
    Sehr schön übersichtlich (fürs Finden), thematisch gut unterteilt, klar abgegrenzt. Die Fotos – keine Überraschung, wenn man dich hier im Blog verfolgt – in jeder Rubrik einsame Spitze! Interessant sind auch deine Galerien. Und mir gefällt, dass auch dein Blog darüber direkt erreichbar ist.
    Ich habe nichts zu mäkeln gefunden. ^^ Das wird wenn vermutlich eher etwas sein, was dir selbst jetzt beim Zustand “in Betrieb genommen” auffallen könnte.
    Glückwunsch also zur gelungenen neuen Seite!

    LG Michèle

    • Vielen Dank für Dein ausführliches und positives Feedback. Gut zu wissen, dass Du alles angeschaut hast. Hat Spaß gemacht die Seite zu bauen und das Beste: sie gehört mir, wird in Deutschland gehostet und bietet viel Potential für die Zukunft. Ich werde zukünftig bei Bedarf einen Link zu Neuerungen auf meiner HP in meinen Posts integrieren. Liebe Grüße nach Hamburg. Reinhold

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