April One Photo Focus

April One Photo Focus is hosted by Stacy Fischer and the really awesome image to do some creepy work with has been created and provided by Cee Neuner Photography. Again a special “Thank you and Smiles” goes to Stacy 🙂 for my participation and Cee 😉 for creating / providing the image.


after image
RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography - Spider World

post processing
RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography - Spider World

before image

19 thoughts on “April One Photo Focus

  1. Reinhold, it bears repeating from what I said in my email: FANTASTIC!! Such a wonderfully creative interpretation of the scene, including the title you gave it 🙂 Thanks for sharing the screen shot too. Someday I hope I’ll be able to understand all Photoshop has to offer!

    • Thanks you so much, Stacy. I am honored by your nice comment. I hope one day I understand all PS has to offer too. It was fun editing this image and turning it into “Spiderworld”. I am not sure if you know Aaron Nace and PHLEARN. You will find him in YouTube and in the Internet. Tons of free tutorials and all of them are very good and he is a funny guy. I am learning so much watching his video tutorials. All the best. Smiles. Reinhold

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