February One Photo Focus!

February One Photo Focus is hosted by Stacy Fischer and the really awesome image to work with has been created and provided by Stacy – Lensaddiction. Again a  special “Thank you and Smiles” goes to Stacy 🙂 for my participation and Stacy 😉 for creating / providing the image.

After image:

The name of my version is: Black PearlReinhold_Staden_One_Photo


Before image:


25 thoughts on “February One Photo Focus!

  1. I like how your moon hightlights the people in the rigging, I had forgotten they were there, as its been 5 years since I took the original image!

    • Thanks so much, Stacy. I wanted to eliminate the buildings in the background… first I tried to cut out the ship, then I tried it with cropping the image. And that was the point when I myself saw the people in the rigging. After that it was just fun. Thanks for your nice comment and for stopping by. Greetings from the North of Germany. Reinhold

  2. Don’t know how you did it, but I LOVE that brilliant orange moon silhouetting those stalwart men in the rigging! And you’re so very welcome! Be sure to go into the gallery at the end of the 1PF post – Sherry Felix has left a comment for you 🙂

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