Evolution (3 steps)

Evolution by Reinhold Staden

Frozen Lake Zwischenahner Meer – Early Bird – -10° C

Evolution by Reinhold Staden

A few moment later – and a half-frozen Reinhold

Evolution by Reinhold Staden

A few more moments – a frozen lake and a frozen Reinhold. Enjoy!

(Colors have not been adjusted)

20 thoughts on “Evolution (3 steps)

  1. “..und es gab Momente da wusste ich nicht wo das Wasser aufhoerte und der Himmel begann..” (Forrest Gump). Sehr schoene Serie , die nicht nur einen Moment einfaengt, sondern uns ueber den ganzen Zeitraum teilhaben laesst.
    LG, Markus

    • Danke, Markus. Ich habe an dem Morgen in den Rückspiegel geschaut und sah so ein rotes Leuchten. Ich bin dann zum Zwischenahner Meer gefahren und als ich dort war stand der Himmel schon in Flammen. Es war leider -10° C und ein bisschen windig. Aber der Becher Tee danach, hat alles wieder aufgetaut. Liebe Grüsse. Reinhold

  2. Fantastic morning! Those wintercolours at sunrise (and sunsets) in cold weather are truly amazing. Beautiful! Hope you had something warm to drink now!

    • It was, Lena! Fantastic cold… at least for me. But the colors I saw and the frozen lake… it was worth it. And I had a hot tea afterwards. Thanks for your nice comment, Lena. Smiles. Reinhold

    • Believe me! It was sooooo cold. I took out my iPhone to write a msg via WhatsApp and it went off!!!! Bang! Too cold. It was good… otherwise my fingers would have been frozen. Can’t operate the iPhone using gloves. But I had a warm tea afterwards and was still stunned by the colors I saw. And the frozen lake is really beautiful. Don’t see this very ofter over here. Greetings. Reinhold

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