January One Photo Focus!

January One Photo Focus is hosted by Stacy Fischer and the really awesome image to work with has been created and provided by Laura Macky Photography. A special “Thank you” goes to Stacy for my participation and Laura for creating / providing the image.

After image:

The name of my version is: The Moment it happened

Before image:

January One Photo Focus


Processing steps:

1.) Import into Lightroom CC for the development of the digital negative
2.) Use of Dfine 2 (NIK Collection) for minor noise reduction
3.) Open with Photoshop CC
4.) Convert to B&W using Silver Efex Pro 2 (NIK Collection)
5.) Motion Blur – bottom part of the image + various masks and adjustments in PS
6.) Add new sky + various masks and adjustments in PS
7.) Add front water splash + various masks and adjustments in PS
8.) Create a stamp visible layer
9.) Add frame with Color Efex Pro 4 (NIK Collection)
10.) Final Dfine 2 for noise reduction created by development steps

I hope you like it!


27 thoughts on “January One Photo Focus!

    • Not Australia, not NZ… but sometimes as impressive and just 25 minutes from where I live. Good weather is changing everything here. But right now we have a snow / rain mix and it is still dark outside at noon. Thanks for the new phrase “hit the ground running”, Karen! 🙂 Smiles. Reinhold

      • haha you’re welcome. Great start to the New Year. Its raining here at present but still humid so its hot and sweaty. I wouldnt mind a bit of snow 🙂

  1. Wow! Beautiful shots and what a great transformation! Just like you did with my shot a few months ago. I didn’t think about suggesting you share the result but it’s a great idea and you are welcome to do so. It’s a great way to share your processing skills with the rest of us.

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