19 thoughts on “Shadow-flections

    • That was our Fuji X-T1, Fraggy. I saw a B&W image in the EVF. The colors came out in LR. This sensor is picking up so much detail. I am really impressed and glad I did the switch from the Nikon D800. And it’s so easy to carry this camera nearly all the time. Smiles. Reinhold

      • Yes I like the lighter weight. Did you use a tripod for that shot? I am not having such luck with low light so haven’t tried a night shot yet.

      • No tripod, easy handheld with 800 ISO, f 5, 170. I start to trust the OIS. Gives me 3 to 4 stops. Out of 100 shots I get 98 spot on and the rest is my fault. It’s fun to think about the motive and not fiddle with the hardware. 😉

      • No, you are not. OIS is the Optical Image Stabilizer of some Fujinon lenses. Our zoom kit has OIS. It is written on the front of the lens. With the D800 and lenses without VR (Vibration Reduction) minimum was always shutter speed same as focal length of the lens. With the 18-55 this rule is off. You can go 4-5 stops lower. Nikon 1/180 – Fuji 1/8 = should produce the same results. That is the theory. But I start to believe. Looking at my results. But it’s a matter of trust and taste as usual. It fits for me, doesn’t have to fit for everyone. Hope you like it.

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