9 thoughts on “The sky is the limit

    • Thanks Amy, we have currently a heat wave. 35-40 C. Beaches are the perfect spot to avoid the heat. Always a bit of wind, which is nice. Greetings from the sunny north of Germany. Reinhold

      • 35 – 40 C is uncomfortable. I didn’t know it can get this high in Germany. Glad you enjoy the beach. :).

      • It is exceptional for this area, Amy. This week 40 C and next week 20 C. As long as it is not raining, everything is ok. Sunny smiles. Reinhold

    • Danke Markus, ich versuche gerade im Watt zu laufen und trotzdem einigerma├čen professionelle Photos zu machen. Noch gelingt es mir nicht immer, die Stimmung ├╝ber die Photos zu vermitteln. Aber ich glaube es wird jedesmal ein bisschen besser. Und es wird morgen nur 26 Grad am Strand!!!! LG, Reinhold

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