Escalator to heaven

Escalator by Reinhold Staden


10 thoughts on “Escalator to heaven

  1. You are absolutely right on all counts. First, yes, it was “stairway” not highway. The latter was supposed to take us straight to hell… 🙂 Second, yes, it doesn’t matter how you go when you’re heading to heaven. And last, but not least, London is heaven! One of my favorite places on earth. For me, unfortunately, no escalator, stairway, or highway will take me there… 🙂 Cheers!

    • He, he. I thought this too. But a photo with an escalator and a title “highway to heaven” …. Naaaaah! Escalator or highway, that’s not important. Heaven is the important thing. 😉 In this case London city. Thanks for stopping by at the escalator, Angela. Next time we’ll take the highway. But… When I think about it. It was “stairways to heaven” and “highway to hell”. So escalators are not too bad! Or am I wrong?

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