11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Intricate

    • Hi Tina, thanks for stopping by. There was a theme, a photo of a sculpture and PS. Looking at the result, I thought it would be worth to share it. No big thoughts or a hidden agenda. I am glad that you like it. Greetings and best wishes from the North of Germany. Reinhold

  1. Makes me think in our times where the symbol (the news, the online profiles, the advertisement) replacing the meaning or subject (the reality, the essence of the person, the truth) Provocative image Reinhold. Thanks, Francis.

    • My dear Francis, a picture says more than 1000 words. And I think it triggers different emotions and thoughts in each viewer. I can not explain my emotion and thoughts associated with this photo. The last thing I wanted to be is provocative. But I think you know me better by now to know that I am not trying to hurt anybodies feelings. Until next time, all the best to my Peruvian friend. Reinhold 🙂

    • Hi Steve, (funny this was my nickname in the band I was playing) thanks for your comment. I am glad you like my interpretation of this weeks theme. I wish you a nice Sunday. Reinhold

  2. That’s really interesting, Reinhold, although it makes me think of the admonition to be open-minded but not so open-minded that your brain falls out (or something along those lines.) 🙂


    • Thanks Janet, it’s a sculpture located on the campus of the Frankfurt university. I think it’s good to be open minded for other cultures, opinions and views of the world. This sculpture triggered that in my mind, when I saw it first time. I am very happy with your interpretation. All the best. Reinhold

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