11 thoughts on “Ammerland… early in the morning

    • Thanks so much, Lucy. I think I would do that more often but early morning and sunrise means to get up early as well. I had 2 days at 5:30 am at that morning. But I think it’s worth it. A light- and colorful weekend to you, Reinhold (and thanks for your follow, likes and comments)

      • My pleasure! You have a really nice blog!
        My problem with sunrises is that I can’t wake up so early, so I usually miss it 🙂 Still, when I do wake up, the landscape looks so fresh and beautiful. As you said, definitely worth it! Have a lovely weekend!

    • Thanks Judy, I was already on my short way back home from the lake when I saw the fog, the sun and the trees. I stopped on the side of the road and took this photo. I am glad you like it. Reinhold

  1. Wunderbar (thanks Rammstein!) Although I already searched in Wikipedia and it says that Ammer derives from the word for swamp I cannot avoid to relate for the colors more with Amberland, that’s the nature of those sunrises. Thanks Reinhold.

    • The word “Ammerland” is derived from Ameri, which is an old word meaning “swamp”. The land is characterised by a very flat countryside, many fens and swamps, and many windmills.
      The central point of the district is the Zwischenahner Meer located near the resort town of Bad Zwischenahn, a lake with an area of 5.5 km². You can see parts of this lake in my current posts.

      Today they change the meaning of Ammerland to “Parkland” or “Land of Parks”. We also have a park of different type of gardens. http://www.park-der-gaerten.de

      Trees and plants add interest to our environment and make it livable. There are nurseries which offer a huge range of plants to suit the most diverse habitats and requirements. Acers, Oaks, Limes, Pines and Rhododendrons can be found growing all across the Ammerland. The biggest Garden Centre is Bruns Pflanzen, a 500-hectare plant world with more than 4000 plant species.

      Hope everything is well, Francis.

      • Those names resounds with history and I’m grateful to know more. The link show a place with a marvelous work in landscape architecture, and I find astonishing the cypher of four thousand species, certainly a little world. The mention of the oak, among several species, made me remember the history with Karl der Große, the destruction of a sacred oak that started a war and the beginning of what in the future would be the actual Germany (of course my memory could be wrong)
        I’m also happy to read (in my space in the comments now in my memory) that you are back to normal Reinhold, I hope that means that you can fill your days of spring with the music of a guitar, and the light of the beauty of the North. These days are good, just with a bit more of work, which is good because worse would be to don’t have work, and preparing for more travels. Peruvian greetings, Francis.

      • Thanks Francis, the guitar will have to wait for another 6-12 months because my hand has to develop a bit more flexibility, but camera and tripod are ok and I can go out and enjoy my new old home and spring and summer. Northern greetings, Reinhold

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