Weekly Photo Challenge: AFLOAT


Duck tales by Reinhold Staden
Duck tales


Dolphins near our boat in New Zealand by Reinhold Staden
Dolphins near our boat in New Zealand


Last Memories by Reinhold Staden
Last Memories


An afloat clown by Reinhold Staden
An afloat clown


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6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: AFLOAT

    • Thanks Judy, I am not familiar with the phrase you used. But I hope I did not offend your feelings. I was surprised to see these flower floating on the coast of the North Sea. I only noticed later, that these flowers are the remains of a sea funeral, which is legal here since a few months. All the best, Reinhold

    • Hi Fraggle, nice that you like this one. But I wasn’t sure
      if it meets the objective 100%. So I put it at the end. And if it leaves you with a smile on your face, it has served it’s purpose. Thanks for stopping by.

    • You are right, Francis. I picked them by default. And all of them focus on the object afloat. Thanks for your observation. That adds another aspect to the selected images. All the best to you. Reinhold

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