Where the streets have a name…


A few years ago I was into street photography and black and white post processing.


I did not like to shoot people directly into their view and faces.
There was a line which I never crossed.
I always tried to find a different and the “appropriate” angle.
Still… I was never very comfortable with this type of photography.
But I liked the results and that was the reason why I continued doing this for quiet a while.


Here a few samples of my way of street art and photography.

Street Art and Photography by Reinhold Staden
Please use my hat



Street Art and Photography by Reinhold Staden
Show us the way



Street Art and Photography by Reinhold Staden
They were here a moment ago



Street Art and Photography by Reinhold Staden
I am tired and hungry

7 thoughts on “Where the streets have a name…

  1. Nicely done. They have a great amount of expressivity and there was no need to use their faces. I feel the same about that, the privacy, so I mostly use people in street to give scale to the city.
    The moms photograph is quite funny, one would think that the babies took a pair of motorbikes to have fun!

    • Hello Francis, I knew that we had a similar opinion about privacy. There is always a red line which should not been crossed. And the mummy’s with there faces visible wouldn’t be as funny as it is now. I think none of the real B&W photographers put funny titles on their images. But I like it and when I grew up, I will stop putting titles on them and leave more room for interpretation by the viewer. Until then, have fun and a good rest of the week. Reinhold

      • Hello Reinhold, thanks for the wishes, I hope you have a nice week too. (and I hope you don’t grow up, it would be a pity to lose so precise titles) Francis.

    • Thanks Fraggle, glad you like them. The mummy’s looking for their kids is one of my favorites too. I am always smiling when I look at the photo. It was just a split second and then one woman came back into an upright position. I was lucky to be there and had my camera ready to shoot. Until next time, have a nice evening. Reinhold

  2. I love these photo’s and you gave them perfect titles 🙂
    Did you stop doing this kind of photography?
    Very nice the black and white, I find that so difficult myself, to have enough contrast in the picture…

    • Hi Noortje, thanks for stopping by. I am glad that you like my photos. I did most of my street photography in Frankfurt. After 30 years we live now near the coast of North Germany in a little village. I think you have to do this type of photography in cities like Frankfurt, Hamburg, London or New York. I will concentrate on landscapes from now on and I think the northern part of Germany and the islands will be good locations for that. It will be a mixture of B&W and color photography. But the Netherlands and North Germany have a lot in common. At least the norther coast. And if some people pop into the scene, I don’t mind to do a little street photography up here in the north. All the best, hope to hear from you again. Reinhold

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