4 thoughts on “Let’s take a bath …

  1. Wow reinhold, I love this. I’ve been to Bath several times and never seen the baths!!! How bonkers is that. The Roman! where did you find him, was it a re-enactment day or do they have on their all the time?

    • Hi there, I don’t know. The day we visited the bath, this guy and another roman soldier were already in there. There were lots of people who actually wanted to take pictures standing at their side. I’ve waited ages to get this shot. Unfortunately one chap walked through the scene when I took this shot. But Photoshop made him invisible. I am pretty happy with the result. All the best and relaxing holidays, Reinhold

  2. A traveler time from the past, searching something familiar in our times. The Roman soldier gives an interesting aspect to this historical place, thanks Reinhold.

    • I think he was glad to pause for a moment. There were a few people who wanted to take photos with him in the picture. I caught him just in this one moment without kids and granny’s. I think he actually wanted to use a time machine to leave this place.

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